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Rabu, 15 September 2010

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
Self development English language
At SMP Islam Diponegoro (PK class)
1st topic
“Instant idolization is not be good”
To be an idol is not easy, but now more way to be an idol instantly. moreover than in the part of entertainment,is very easy. Just with confront casting , the name of someone can jump up. Actually this is not good because this procces idolization instantly.people may not know human is idolized. People just outer look from this idolized. So if someone want an idol, they have to know exactly an idol.
2nd topic
“English subject at school should be given more time”
English subject is very urgent for student because it is international language. English subject also is the one subject that used for examination. More student not smart yet English language. Because this English subject at school should be given more time by the students can followed development period.
By : Hadijah Rima, Alwiyah, and Muhammad Abdillah.
With guide: Abdulkadir Jamal Assegaf.

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