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Kamis, 23 September 2010

facebook's effect

Tuesday, November 24th , 2009
Self development English language
At SMP Islam Diponegoro (PK class)
1st topic
“The effect of facebook”
Facebook, one social networking that booming now. We will try to appreciated facebook’s effect. In our opinion, facebook have positive and negative effect. The positive effect of facebook is from facebook, we can make friend with people around the world. We can meet our family who is their town far from we. And we can do it with very easy, very cheap. But, facebook also have the negative effect. For example, facebook make we lazy. We always play facebook then we forget our study, facebok usually used for criminality, etc. So we must smart for managed facebook, because its negative effect is so dangerous.
By: Hadijah Rima and Haidar Ali
With guide :Abdulkadir Jamal Assegaf.

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